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Real life case study: Emotions run high for client couple

Matthew Aitchison CFPTM Chartered MCSI, managing director of Clear Vision Financial Planning, deals with the case of a family who wanted to boost their quality of life and time spent together.


Defining Financial Planning and advice post-FAMR

Plans for a “single clear definition of financial advice” were outlined in the Budget and the Financial Advice Market Review and it’s clear that steps will now be taken to achieve this aim, potentially a pivotal moment for the financial advice sector.


Pensions expert disturbed by freedoms findings

A pensions expert says she has been disturbed to discover the new freedoms may be working to the detriment of many retirees as they take out their cash and stash it in savings accounts, suffering a tax hit as a consequence.


New money education scheme for kids as A-Level results revealed

On the day that A-Level students up and down the country find out their exam results, a new £400,000 scheme has been launched to educate kids about money.