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Claire Trott: SSAS looks like it will be caught in regulatory trap

Pensions are at the mercy of many areas of legislation and the unintended consequences of this seems to be hitting areas of pensions more and more and things get even more complicated.


Claire Trott: Why I fear pensions turmoil, whoever wins

A general election makes my blood run cold, but a snap general election makes me just want to hide under my desk until the fall out has settled.


Claire Trott: QROPS rules to keep evolving after Brexit

The changes to the taxation of transfers to Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) has been received both positively and negatively by the pensions industry.


Trott: Regulator has tarred our sector with scam brush

When I write a blog it can be a stream of words pouring out my head onto my laptop, but I do reread what I have written, and think about the impact of what I have said, I also spell check it and have others do the same for me.