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Bamford: Why I worry for Certified Financial Planner's UK future

A decade ago, I did something that seemed unlikely, if not impossible, fewer than 10 years earlier. 


Bamford: We need more Financial Planners but CISI faces ‘real challenge’

We need more Financial Planners. To be clear, this isn’t some shady attempt at recruitment for my own business. Goodness knows that four of us is enough for now.


Bamford: Unify Paraplanning and Financial Planning

Despite having an uncanny knack for making winning predictions (Brexit? Tick. Trump? Tick) I’m not brave enough to stake my reputation or any money on forecasting the future.


Martin Bamford: How we're winning clients via 5,000 podcast downloads

As we approach the start of a New Year, Financial Planners will be drawing up their business plans for 2017 and making their resolutions.