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11 steps for Life Planning by George Kinder

Our democracies could use a dose of Life Planning.


George Kinder: Cashflow model valuable but not essential

Cashflow modelling is extremely useful, but not essential to good Financial Planning. I’m in great agreement with Financial Planner Martin Bamford here.


George Kinder: I examine unrest, wars, and distrust of advisers

The George Kinder Column

My new book, due out in the spring, is about a golden civilization. A civilization that thrives with freedom for all, for hundreds, if not thousands of years.


The George Kinder Column: Delivering Freedom for Clients

Financial advice has to do with delivering freedom into client lives rather than organizing financial structures and selling products. It’s about the client. Our Certified Financial Planning designation requires that we place the clients’ interests first, not our products or services. Too often what is called “financial advice” is really sales talk, all about the product – or occasionally, in our case, about spreadsheets and services.